Who is Jamberson?

Where to start? Well, we started out as three.

James + Amber + Son = Jamberson

We are a family owned business consisting of a husband and wife team ...and a son. The son doesn't really help, but we love him just the same and find constant inspiration in his unusual ways as he grows and works towards being a unique individual and strong young man.

We wanted to incorporate quality, integrity, family values, an appreciation for quiet moments, and our desire to help others into our business structure.  Lofty goals, huh?  Yes they are, but we packed all of this into one tidy, little tagline, that we operate by; "The world stinks... We help."

We call it the Jamberson Difference.  We donate 10% of our total profits to helping others, along with other random acts of kindness and charity along the way.

So, I summed up where we started from, how about where we are heading.

Our small family has started to grow.  No, we are not popping out any more babies... but we have grown just the same.  Customers and local businesses both, have tried, tested, and developed a love for our handmade products.  Customers and businesses both, have shown us support, encouragement, and even faith in our products and our direction to make a difference in ways both big and small.  Hand in hand we march forward.  Hand in hand we declare, "The world stinks! We help!"