Peach Rings Candy Soy Candle 13 oz

  • $20.00

Peach Rings Candy Sweet Scents™ Soy Candle LARGE 13 oz

Smells just like the real thing! All the SWEET, no calories! 

Trolli the original makers of the peach rings started out as a noodle and pasta manufacturer! What a sweet change they made.

Each soy candle weighs in at an impressive 13 oz and measures approximately 3.75"x3.75"x3.125". Each soy candle is hand poured in small batches guaranteeing the highest quality product. This is the perfect sized candle for filling large rooms, such as your living room, your kitchen, and even your garage. Indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt.*

Scented with the highest quality Phthalate Free Fragrance. 
*Please do not eat the candle.

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