Bourbon Barrel Stave Impossible Bottle Holder

  • $20.00

Amaze your guest with a bit of 'magic'. This bottle holder is handcrafted from a bourbon barrel stave by skilled artisans in the heart of bourbon country.  Standing at a angle, this wonder of physics and counterbalance is sure to be a conversation starter. The only thing holding it up is the bottle...or is the other way around? 

Pair it with our Bourbon Barrel Stave Shot Flight (not included) for a true show stopper.

Actual appearance may vary in size, coloring, char, coating and hardware due to its handmade nature. Each one holds true to the essence of the picture, but is unique in its own right. Finish is high gloss. Alcohol not included.

***May not work with all bottle types, but does hold the majority of 750ml bottles.***

Instructions for use:
1) Hold the stave charred side up with the bottom angled end flush on the table.
2) Continuing to hold the stave insert the neck of the bottle into the hole on the charred side.
3) Wait for the liquid to stop sloshing and for any air bubbles to stop moving.
4) Cautiously start to remove your hand from the stave, but be ready to catch it.
5) If the holder starts falling towards the table charred side still facing up, pull the neck a little bit out of the hole, testing and adjusting as needed.
If the holder starts to fall towards the bottle, push the neck slightly farther into the hole, testing and adjusting as needed.
6) You did it! Invite your friends and family to stare in awe.